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Reusable tulle produce bags, originally uploaded by lovestitches

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you know that plastic bags are the bane of our collective existence. And you know you should bring your own shopping bags to the grocery store. But what about those little plastic bags in the produce department? Refuse/Re-use. You can buy reusable produce bags online at places like or you can even learn to make your own at

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Cindy is right of course, but you can still be environmentally aware about looking your best. There are a variety of organic and sustainable makeup brands to choose from, but Kjaer Weis claims to the “the first fully refillable makeup system.”

The lifespan of this energy-saving, LED bulb can reach up to 100,000 hours. It emits no UV radiation and remains cool to the touch. Equivalent to a 25 watt incandescent bulb, It costs about $10. You can buy an equally energy-efficient 40 watt LED bulb for about $20. Amen.

Available at Home Depot.

Behold, the eco-friendly, hand-cranked paper shredder. No power required (except your own). Available from Amazon.

Taurus – a single-seater bike that’s reminiscent of a Segway – is powered by electric motors so is doesn’t produce carbon emissions. And it looks…well, let’s just say it doesn’t produce carbon emissions.


If you’re passionate about serving an organic wedding cake and you live in Chicago, check out Bleeding Heart Bakery. Their mission is to “use local, sustainable, organic ingredients and to make you the best damn cakes and pastries you have ever had!

This covers our ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, nuts, chocolate, milk, fruits, vegetables, oils and more.” We’re confident their cakes taste every bit as good as they look.

Honda FCSport, originally uploaded by JMRosenfeld

At first glance, it seems that interest in hydrogen fueled vehicles has cooled recently. Ford and Renault-Nissan canceled their hydrogen car R&D efforts last year, and General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson noted that GM had reduced its hydrogen program because the cost of building hydrogen cars was too high. However, Daimler has spent has spent $1.23 billion so far developing fuel-cell vehicles (since 1994) and Toyota kicked off development back in 1992 and shows no signs of stopping. Plus, in February of 2010 Lotus Cars announced that it was developing a fleet of hydrogen taxis in London, hopefully in time for the 2012 Olympic Games. Only time will tell who will make serious headway in the consumer market but clearly this race is not over.

Cool gift topper alert. Hand-folded in the US, each Film Reel Gift Bow is made from the leftover film strip of a Hollywood movie trailer. Who knew you could recycle celluloid?


Japanese lingerie maker, Triumph, has come up with the “rice bra” as a salute to urban farmers. “The set would come with a hose designed to be worn around the waist as a belt,” explains a company spokesman.

“By connecting it to a tap, the wearer can water the plant easily and quickly. Furthermore, a test tube containing rice seeds and a bag of soil are attached to each side of the hose. By using the hose, the wearer can plant the rice anytime, anywhere by simply putting the soil in the pot and watering it with the hose.”


This cool “green” PC is built with recyclable materials by Design Hara. The box is made of cypress wood and the internal segments are connected by a bolts and nuts structure, making it easier to separate for e-cycling. All this, and an average power consumption of just 60 Watts per hour! That’s some seriously cool computing.

Stylishly combining a washbasin and WC into single piece, the new Roca “water-reuse” technology reuses water from the washbasin to fill the toilet cistern. Now that’s a way to eliminate waste! For more information, visit

Friday’s Focus is Green Beauty – (Mostly) Women’s Edition. Eight posts in all, we begin with the word, “Beauty,” and end with the word, “Ahhhh.”

Spring Beauty face, originally uploaded by graphixoutpost

Aveda was the first privately owned company to endorse the Principles (originally known as the VALDEZ Principles). They are: 1. Protection of the biosphere  2. Sustainable use of natural resources  3. Reduction of wastes  4. Energy conservation  5. Risk reduction  6. Safe products and services  7. Environmental restoration  8. Informing the public  9. Management commitment  10. Audits and reports.

The following is the company’s mission statement: “Aveda believes that authentic beauty is one that works in harmony with the greater web of life. It does not qualify as beauty if it hurts any of the diverse life forms that the best beauty artist of all, Nature, created. Authentic beauty cares for the environment which we inherited from elders and will leave to generations that follow us. Beauty cares for the society in which we live, enhancing harmony in the way we live and interact with one another as human beings. In order to be Beauty, it also needs to be Good. Beauty is the result, but also the process followed in pursuing that result.


Aimee Valentine –  writer, cartoonist, and professional makeup artist living and working in San Francisco – is also known as the Green Makeup Artist. Her sassy and smartly written blog (greenmakeupartist) offers a huge variety of green beauty tips. Recent entries have ranged from hemp makeup bags to a natural deoderant that really works, as well as broader philosophical musings (“Is it possible to be moral and unsustainable” and “is it possible to be sustainable and lazy?”). Well, is it?

GreenKnickers Limited are purveyors of ethical, ecological, “organic undies for Nice People.” The folks at GreenKnickers work with sustainable fabrics including hemp and bamboo, promote cold washing, and travel by bicycle wherever possible. Beautiful! For more information on their products visit

Sound and image are purposefully (and beautifully) out-of-sync.

green spa, originally uploaded by beforesunsets

Next time you pop down to the spa for a relaxing massage or facial treatment, consider the stress you might be causing the planet. The synthetically derived lotions and potions used in some spas are often laden with toxins. The Green Spa Network strives to bring sustainable operating practices to the spa industry, and to promote the natural connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability, and the health of the planet. Find a member spa near you!

Holly does Chanel, originally uploaded by pinklilyblossom

A study by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that many lipsticks from top brands contain lead. In fact, two-thirds of the 33 samples tested contained detectable levels of lead; and of those, half were above the lead limit for lead in candy. We all know the dangers of lead ingestion – so stop paying it lip service and do something about it! Join the fight to ban lead in lipstick at

The Star of David soap – made with pressed Lemon Oil and Eucalyptus – is all natural and certified kosher. Deep cleansing yet gentle, it’s a beauty aid fit for a goddess. No animal testing. Available at

John Masters Organic beauty products grew out of the belief that treating one’s self well need not mean treating our planet poorly. Incorporating some unusual organic and natural ingredients from around the world, this extensive line of hair and skincare features such delights as orange & ginseng exfoliating body bar and rose & apricot antioxidant cream. Ahhhh.

Welcome to climate change – the game. The BBC has put together a surprisingly engaging online video game called Climate Challenge. In it, you are the president of the European Nations and must tackle global climate change from 2000 to 2100. You choose Europe’s policies and try to persuade competing regional blocs to reduce their carbon emissions. Visit and do not pass go or you go to jail.

It’s chic, supremely functional, and, of course, environmentally responsible. The biodegradable BRELLI is sustainably made from bamboo, a renewable resource, and features a unique, patented, biodegradable PVC clear canopy. The canopy offers vision, superior protection from the elements, and is a bright and brilliant evolutionary leap forward from the dark and damp alternative. Unlike conventional umbrellas it withstands heavy downpours and high winds because of its unique wind-vent system; even better, it is beautiful and durable; it is the ultimate high-fashion accessory that is still green. For more information, visit

Red Fork, originally uploaded by The Unpredictables

According to, 73 billion styrofoam and plastic cups and plates were put in the trash in 2003 in the USA alone. World Centric provides high quality compostable food service disposables and food packaging products for use in schools, corporate cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, and homes. They use renewable resources like corn and discarded sugar cane and wheat straw fiber to make sustainable alternatives to plastics and styrofoam.

You can order a “generic sample pack for $7.50 plus shipping and handling at

Green Green, originally uploaded by mac_fun

Taking place in New York at the end of the month, the Greener Gadgets Conference tackles all of the issues surrounding energy efficiency and sustainable design, from innovative advances in packaging and product manufacturing to end-of-life recycling solutions. Save the date: February 25th.


El Naturalista is a footwear company that’s actually trying to reduce their footprint. This fashion-forward international shoe brand makes comfortable yet fashionable footwear inspired by nature and people.

The company has taken great strides in using less harmful materials in the production of their shoes, including natural dyes and recycled materials including recycled polyurethane inner liners and the recycled rubber soles. In case you missed it above, click here for more information.

Big Ass Fans certainly qualify as green products (they enhance cooling by up to 25% at about the same rate of energy consumption as a single refrigerator light bulb). But their facility is also a green marvel. Recently awarded a LEED Gold plaque, their testing facility in Lexington, Kentucky, uses 35% less energy and 60% less water than a standard commercial building.

Photo: a Big Ass Fan in a Cincinnati Segue Store.

dead end, originally uploaded by oldeastsidr

Looking for a way to be eco-friendly even after you leave this world? Resomation is a water/alkali-based alternative to cremation that uses less energy than traditional cremation and produces significantly less CO2, while eliminating mercury emission into the atmosphere. So when you go, go green.
For details, visit

Chilean designer, Camila Gimeno, believes that “Christmas can be a beautiful time for us, but a really hard one for environment, considering the massive increase of energy and material we consume.” She points out that even Santa is taking steps toward saving energy and suggests that we all follow his example.

Hat Tip:

Every product we make has passed the ‘rocking chair test’. This is something we use to guide us along the path we are taking. So when we are old and grey and sitting in our rocking chairs, we can look back on the company we created with a smile. That’s why we go to the trouble of using the best quality materials to make sure our clothing lasts longer. The longer our products last the less impact they will have on the environment, and the bigger our smile will be.

More inspiration — and great products — at howies.

Known for its innovative nonwoven fabrics, the Landolt Group has produced an ecologically-friendly fabric called, Ice Protector Optiforce® that protects snow cover from heat and UV radiation. An area just below the summit of Switzerland’s Gemsstock mountain was blanketed with 3000 square metres of the material, enabling year-round preservation of snow and ice on the skier’s departure ramp to the Gurschen glacier. Could similar “blankets” save entire glaciers – or for that matter, the snow on Kilamanjaro? Visit for thoughts on the subject.

Artist/designer Sang-Kyun Park has created an ingenious way to show how rain can be a source of renewable energy. Using an experimental material called polyvinylidene fluoride (or PDVF, for short), he’s harvesting the kinetic energy of raindrops to power LEDs in a whimsical, illuminated umbrella. The harder the rain, the brighter the light. Brilliant. HAT TIP:

It cleans windows. Kills anthrax spores. Wipes out salmonella on chicken carcasses. Makes lettuce last longer. Replaces dishwasher detergent. And kills athlete’s foot. It only costs about a penny a gallon and, according to a professor of food science at the University of Georgia, ” it’s “ten times more effective than bleach in killing bacteria.” What is it? It s a simple mixture of table salt and tap water scrambled with electric current. Want to know more? Click here and behold.

Newsstand copies of the November issue of Creative Review are wrapped in a revolutionary new bag that dissolves in hot water.

CR is the first magazine to use “Harmless Dissolve,” a new packaging material created by British firm, Cyberpac.

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This Friday, our focus is Holiday Gifts.

Eleven posts ahead. Proceed with caution. And consider these few random tips that can help make the giving and the receiving as eco-friendly as possible:

1. Whenever possible shop local (or shop online, it saves gas) 2. If you’re heading for the mall, take your own reusable shopping bags 3. Buy gifts that will actually be used or consumed (e.g., cookies, wine, etc.) 4. Buy rechargeable batteries for your electronic gifts (include a battery charger) 5. Give the gift of experience (e.g., tickets to a concert)  6. Use plantable, seeded paper for gift-wrapping 7. Gift a loved one with a donation to charity 8. If you fall a little short of your eco-friendly standards, don’t worry about it. Guilt is toxic and dangerous to your health.

Hat Tips: &

Looking for a holiday card that really makes an impact? How about a card you can plant that grows into a spruce tree?! Plantable Paper offers a unique line of cards created from handmade paper embedded with seeds. When the 100% post-consumer paper is planted in a pot of soil, it will sprout into a teeny tiny spruce. Though the weather outside is frightful, let it grow, let it grow, let it grow! Plantable cards available at

Global Girlfriend is a “Greater Good” online store” created to help women in need help themselves by producing products that solve their community environmental issues, producing healthier children, rivers, skies and world.” Here you can  purchase a “Gift That Gives More“(e.g., 50 lbs of seed corn, 50 lbs of beans, and 50 lbs of organic fertlizer to help a struggling farmer in Guatemala help herself and her family). Or you can buy one of these beaded and embroidered ornaments, handmade in India.

Global Girlfriend makes its home at

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If you’re looking for a truly original and locally produced gift, skip the mall and hit the farmer’s market. Thousands of farmers markets across the U.S. continue to operate through the holiday season (even in cold country). Not only will you find all kinds of great foods for your holiday meals, you’ll likely find all kinds of great locally-produced gifts like soy candles and fresh seasonal wreathes. To find a farmers market near you, check here.

The all new, 100% electric BRAMMO Enertia Powercycle is the perfect commuter vehicle for the environmentally-conscious visionary. The Enertia’s Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are very safe, do not contain any heavy metals, and can be recycled for many other uses. BTW, top speed is 60+ miles per hour. Price: about $8000. Details at

Unlike any other running bikes, the Wishbone Bike evolves with a child’s different stages of development. It starts as a trike, converts to a running bike as the child grows, and by four to five years old, the ‘wishbone’ frame is flipped, making it one of the largest running bikes on the market. Every Wishbone Bike has 60% post-consumer recycled plastic wheels, is made from sustainably managed woods and is bonded and finished with eco-friendly products. The Bike box and all printed material inside is recycled and printed with non-toxic inks. For more information, visit

Silvana. A Table. Date of birth: 2002 Previous occupation: Washing Machine Drum.

Reestore takes everyday waste objects and “cheekily turns them into charming yet functional pieces of furniture and accessories.” Their most popular product is silvana, a table “producing a beautiful ambient glow and casting beams of light from her polished stainless steel body. Finished with a frosted glass surface for mug resting heaven.” About $600 USD at

Chocolate face Matthew, originally uploaded by Thrash Merchant

For gifts almost anyone on your list will love, you can’t go wrong with dessert – and Ghalia organic desserts has some of the most earth friendly we’ve found.

This imaginative dessert company proves that organic food can be a delicious, indulgent, and gourmet experience. Their scrumptious creations are free of toxins and environmentally sustainable – and the company strives to provide eco-friendly gift packaging such as seeded paper favor boxes, biodegradable cellophane bags and wrappers, natural craft or reusable gift boxes, and recycled tissue paper. You can visit Ghalia here.

Get into the spirit of the holidays and the spirits of sustainability with 360 Vodka. Billed as the “world’s first eco-friendly vodka,” it’s filtered five times and produced at a facility that takes great strides to make the production process as eco-friendly as possible. Packaging is created from 100% recycled content, bottles are created from 85% recycled glass, and the 360 factory even has an on-site recycling center.

The Bamboo-Soil Clock uses electricity created by a reaction between zinc and copper electrodes, which are buried in the soil (you supply two potted plants). $39.95 at

Behold the Sun Jar. Inside are a highly efficient solar cell, a rechargeable battery and a low energy LED. When the jar is placed in direct sunlight the solar cell creates an electrical current that charges the battery over a few hours. The energy is then used at night to power the LED lamp inside the jar. Available at Amazon for about 30 bucks.

Vintage postcard, originally uploaded by CGoulao

For fresh floral holiday centerpieces guaranteed to liven up your holiday table, be sure to check out All of their blooms are sustainably grown and certified Organic or Veriflora.

Plus, their Flowers for Good™ program donates 5% of your purchase to charities who are working to make the world a more livable place, including The Nature Conservancy and the National Wildlife Federation.To order, visit


If you’re wondering about how to replace the plastic containers you use for food storage, here’s a tip: recycle and use glass bottles or jars (a single one can save enough energy to light a 100 watt light bulb for about 4 hours). Or buy a SLOM JAR with lid for just $2.99 at Ikea (see photo).

Hat Tip:

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If you’ve ever dreamt of answering the call of the wild, click here to get your very own  endangered species ringtone.

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A unique foundation called the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) is determined to fight two of our planet’s most pressing issues – climate change and global poverty – with one of the Earth’s greatest resources: the sun.

SELF  is working all over the world, targeting those places and issues that need critical attention, or wherever their work can have the greatest impact. In Burundi, for example, they’ve collaborated with Partners In Health to install a solar electric generating system that’s helping medical personnel treat thousands of patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.
This remarkable group really is onto something – transforming the sun’s energy not only into power, but into hope. Learn more at

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Living a greener life doesn’t necessarily relegate you to the slow lane. While many hybrids may be lacking in both looks and power, a few green car makers are working to ensure that you get where you’re going in style. You may have heard about the flashy Tesla Roadster, but the as-yet-unreleased Karma by Fisker Automotive represents a new breed of luxury hybrids, with a top speed of 150-mph. Pre-order yours today for just under 90k. Where?

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A company called, Evocative Design, has developed a substitute for Styrofoam. Their packaging material (called, Greensulate) is made from seed husks and the roots of a mushroom called mycelium. It’s durable and biodegradable. For more information, visit

“Flower™ lets you take control of the wind as you explore and navigate beautiful, lush environments using only the SIXAXIS motion controls.”

Flower is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. ©2008 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Developed by thatgamecompany.

Interracial Sex…, originally uploaded by Hobby-Photograph

From biodegradable trash bags for your kitchen to eco-friendly shampoo for your bathroom, there are so many ways to make your home more green. But what about the bedroom? If your passion for the environment is matched only by your passion for your partner, Planet Green as some titillating ideas for you. How about showering together to save water? Or using silky-smooth bed sheets made from renewable bamboo? For many more ideas, check out How To Go Green: Sex. Grown-ups only please.


Fashions may fade, but plastics last forever. Fortunately, the designers at Bagir are picking up disposable plastic bottles (soooo last season) and transforming them into some of today’s hottest fashions.


For everything from washable clothing made from 55% recycled PET bottles to the transparent suit that turned a few heads at last month’s New York Fashion Week, click on over to


These shoes were made out of recycled plastic bags by Childean design student Camila Labra. The bags were fused together and the result is a material that is flexible, light, and non-toxic. They can be bought for about $45 USD. For more information, visit and if necessary, bring a translator.

I Said No Trash, originally uploaded by ‘SomewhereinAK’

Very impressive indeed. Loll Designs have figured out a way to take used plastic milk jugs and transform them into some of the most imaginative and stylish outdoor furniture we’ve ever seen.
What did you think we were talking about? Check ‘em out here.

plastic purse

Plastic bags can be fused to make reusable grocery bags, wallets, and more. For instructions, visit

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What’s the matter, Bizarro? Can’t even punch your way out of a plastic bag?    ~ Batman in “Challenge of the Superfriends” (1978)


How do you design a home that can survive rising sea levels? You build it on a buoyant foundation (e.g., the basement doubles as a life raft). Architects from Dura Vermeer in the Netherlands believe the concept can work for entire blocks of cities. For more information, visit floatinghouses.


Using soft rubber from recycled flip flops, Karin Wittmann Wilsmann’s MISS RIO OTTOMAN was a finalist in the 2003/2004 Ecodesign Award competition for environmentally responsible products.

Hat Tip:


Many agricultural crops all over the world are pollinated by bees. The disappearance of bees as a result of so-called Colony Collapse Disorder would therefore be a calamity. The Beehaus provides a warm, secure, and dry place for bees to live. And thrive. It can be used in your garden or on your rooftop and is especially useful in urban areas where bees have difficulty surviving. For more information, visi

TerraCycle was the brainchild of Tom Szaky when he was a student at Princeton University in 2001. The company has grown from being a purveyor of worm poop fertilizer to a developer of products created from up-cycled waste. For more details, visit terracycle.


A company known as Humdinger is developing the world’s first non-turbine wind generator. Known as the Windbelt, the device captures energy using fluttering fabric. Windbelts are made of kite fabric and, at a cost of about $1 per watt of capacity, are also cheaper than solar panels. For more information, visit

Hat Tip: &
Photo: A Windbelt prototype.

Brooks has taken an innovative step to improve the life-cycle efficiency of its running shoes with its biodegradable BioMoGo cushioning material. BioMoGo is a cushioning material for the midsoles of running shoes, and Brooks promises it provides even better performance than traditional EVA foam – with an important twist: BioMoGo is biodegradable. The material is manufactured with a non-toxic additive that remains inert during normal use (so your shoes won’t fall apart on your feet), but the additive drastically accelerates degradation when buried in a landfill.

Hat Tip (we lifted your words verbatim): metaefficient


Wind power is more than just a large-scale industry. Small wind turbines can be used by schools and individual homes and excess energy can even be sold back to the grid. Chad Maglaques’s 3-foot high micro-turbine, for example, can be mounted on any rooftop and plugged directly into a standard residential household electrical socket. The device is a semi-finalist in Google’s 10 to the 100th contest which offers a pool of $10 million for the five ideas that help the most people. Chad believes that, mass-produced, the turbine would cost about $200.

Hat Tip:


Andrej Blazon’s “Charity Chair,” represents a unique approach for green products: design globally, manufacture locally. A finalist in the One Good Chair competition, it can be cut from a single sheet of recycled material (from hard rubber to plastic or metal sheets), then bent into shape using slits and flaps. Pretty much anyone can make the chair, which means there’s no manufacturing or transport involved.


Hat Tip: Peligro Films &


Following the ancient tradition of using rugs as a means for communication and a cultural record, the Mexican design collective NEL produced a global warming rug that depicts a small polar bear surrounded by the sea.


The rug is manufactured by the Spanish rug and carpet company Nanimarquina. You can read more about NEL at their website:


Sewer pipes have been recycled for use as hotel rooms at the Das Park Hotel in Ottensheim, Austria. Hat Tip:*

* is an online community of designers, architects and everybody else who is interested in inventive ways of recycling. The site allows you to post items at various scales within the reuse-topic. All examples of small commodities, furniture, interiors, buildings and reuse on urban scale are welcomed.


Heuhotels (hay hotels) are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. They’re environmentally friendly (no need to clean bed sheets) and affordable (about $11 a night on average). Romantic, too, though you might want to avoid the communal ones.


Hat Tip:

Second Photo:

Verterra eco bowl, originally uploaded by green talk

Verterra dinnerware is made from fallen leaves and water. Compostable, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Something to think about for family reunion barbecues and backyard weddings.

Hat Tip:


Camper Bike, a functioning sculptural piece, built in April 2008. A stand alone piece and the subject of a series of paintings.



Headquartered on the island of Maui, Bamboo Living creates prefab bamboo homes starting at $60 per square foot. Their mission is to protect and restore our planet by pioneering with bamboo as a structural building material.

FACTS ABOUT BAMBOO: Bamboo is environmentally friendly. This woody plant (it’s a grass, not a tree) absorbs huge quantities of carbon from the atmosphere and replaces it with life-giving oxygen. It’s also the most renewable green building material on earth and also one of the strongest (it’s tensile strength is 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel). 450px-Giant_BambooThe fastest growing plant in the world, bamboos grow to full height and girth in 3 to 4 months (the growth of some plants has been measured at up to 4 feet in a 24 hour perio


Ohio Airships envisions “roadless trucking” with its zeppelin-like Dynalifter® aircraft. Dynalifter® airships – with transport costs and speeds comparable to trucking –  are cost-effective for most developing nations. Dynalifters carry three times more freight than 747s but travel at about 200 kph and therefore require much less fuel. Hat Tip: freethinker.


Washup has created a device that integrates a washing machine with a toilet. The hybrid takes wasted water from the washing cycle and reuses it for flushing. Plus, it’s a space saver. Hat tip:


Above: a Reusuable Fresh Snack Pack from BPA free, PVC free, lead free, kid-tested, mom-invented. We haven’t tried one but that doesn’t mean you can’t.


Studio Gorm’s Flow and the Kitchen of terrestrial Mechanics is a living kitchen where nature and technology are integrated in a symbiotic relationship. The water from the dish rack drips on the herbs and edible plants, which are grown in the planter boxes places below the rack. The counter top features a built in waste bowl, which can be utilized to dump the scraps while preparing the food. Once the bowl is full, it needs only to be tipped to transfer the waste into the worm bin composter, which lies beneath the counter top. As the waste is lowered into the composter, the worms convert it into nutrient rich fertilizer, which can be put back into the plants.

Hat Tip: Peligro Pictures and Fast Company

Rubbersidewalks are made of 100% California tire rubber. Each square foot uses the rubber of one entire passenger tire and 400 square feet keeps over two tons of waste tire rubber from going into landfill. Rubbersidewalks also reduce the number of tires piling up in dumps and, because they don’t crack, they reduce the cost of repairing sidewalks. Rubbersidewalks have been installed in 60 cities across the country and Canada.


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